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Peaking in Peru

“The Knot!” barks the instructor. “If you leave here knowing nothing else, remember that! It will save your life.” We all stop smiling and…

Causes and Brands: Stills

Causes and Brands: Motion

Video productions for humanitarian projects and commercial brands we believe in
A WORLD OF GOOD: a local fundraising project helping Kids at Risk in the Philippines

A World of Good from Craig Pulsifer on Vimeo.

WATERTIGHT: a 60 sec promo for Lowepro Camera bags

Watertight from Craig Pulsifer on Vimeo.

Note to Self

If my mind were a fridge, it might look like this.
@ Don't count your chickens, just feed them. @ Whether in prison or the palace, Joe never forgot who he was. @ I'd rather give you enough rope to hang yourself than be the one to cut the ties that hold us together. @ Through judgement, observation is distorted and discernment is lost. #JamesRichards #stilllearning @ All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. @ When real feelings end, all tendencies drive toward counterfeit solutions. @ A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it does make for interesting reading.